Jenna DiSanto

Welcome to the blog! I started this blog as a creative outlet and hopefully to inspire others, as I know many blogs have inspired me. A mix of my photography, my continuous thoughts, and a little poetry, I hope you enjoy!

Why I Love Documentation

I love documentation; whether that is in the form of pictures, words, or even just storytelling and reminiscing between friends and family; there is a power to it. We capture time in a way that only we can see, and when we document it (in any form) we are remembering a moment, or moments of the past. It’s simple, yes. Nowadays, almost everyone is taking pictures, videos, and may even have a blog, but I think it is the simplicity of it that I love, and the creative drive behind each project that makes it personal and to me, more intriguing. 

For me, the best way that I document my life is through pictures and words. I am constantly taking, editing, and posting photos, while also writing a post like this, or a piece of writing to submit online, or even a through crafting a poem for a friend or loved one. It’s an expression of memory and emotion that tells a story.

I started this blog as a creative outlet in hopes to begin a new journey for the part of my brain that is constantly churning with creativity (and emotion)- for me, a new way of electronic expression.Through photos and words I hope to bring life to moments, no matter how big, or how small, while incorporate any life lessons I may learn along the way 

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